report for Juniors Tournament-1


The long a waited SEP April 2018 soccer tournament for the ages under 10, 13, and 15 was successfully conducted with huge impact on the young people. The three days event focused Football for WASH, with series of life skills going on both in and off the pitch a round this thematic focus. There were also public address on the said theme, as well as formal workshops culminating into demonstrations.




The general attendant of the event by the public was quite massive, with players’ parents also turning out to support the efforts and talents of their children.

The essence of such noble events are mainly to enable the youth, foremost, learn and play. It also provides a safe platform for the children to freely interact, share ideas and show case their football prowess! It is usually accompanied by great joy and jubilation from both the children, their parents and Football debris.

Read the attached for more detailed information on the event.

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