Our Mission

Using football to attract young people, Society Empowerment Project (SEP) provides life skills, sports leadership and management training.

With Kenya’s highest rate of infection, the Nyanza Province faces high mortality rates, large numbers of AIDS orphans and poor educational opportunities. To combat this, SEP works closely with AIDS awareness and treatment groups and local schools to provide young people with training to reduce the level of infection.

We also strive to improve the livelihood of its participants through agricultural training: in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, it provides assistance to families in small-scale agricultural production.

Our Programs

Youth Self-Help Agriculture Program

Through our Youth Self-Help Agriculture Program, we help ensure food security, financially empower youth, provide valuable agricultural training, and support access to education.

We works with local families to dedicate a small percent of the families’ own crop land to the care of a youth family member. The child is then responsible for planting, maintaining, and harvesting this plot.

After basic food security needs of the family are met, all proceeds of crop sales from the child’s plot go to the child and are used to fund a portion of their school-related expenses. The families must commit to funding the remaining portion of the school expenses.

Impact and Accomplishments

  • 350+ youth are attending primary and secondary that otherwise could not afford an education
  • Basic food security ensured for 350+ families
  • 350+ youth have been trained in key agricultural-related areas
  • Over ksh.50,000 has been generated by youth for the support of their education
  • 9 HIV/AIDs-related orphans’ school fees have been 100% subsidized by SEP

For in-depth information about this program, see the following documents: overview of programintro and syllabus, and Sports and Agribusiness Development.

Youth Football Program

We use football to mobilize, engage, and educate youth on life skills, health issues, and a wide variety of other topics. Football is the channel that we use to deliver key messages to the youths in our community. Through the power of developmental football, our specially trained coaches provide not only fun, but important life skills to develop the next generation of community leaders.

We leverage the power of football to:

  • Teach life skills through games and integrated messaging in areas such as HIV/AIDS prevention, health and sanitation, nutrition, reproductive health, agriculture and substance abuse
  • Engage youth in healthy, fun social outlets
  • Improve gender equality
  • Mobilize youth and the community at large
  • Develop youth leadership through training in coaching, refereeing and tournament management

Impact and Accomplishments

  • 1250 youth  between the ages of 10 and 20  participate in ongoing football practice and matches
  • 75% of all participants are girls and young women who would otherwise not have a social or athletic outlet outside of their traditional roles
  • 100 youth have been trained in football coaching, refereeing, and first aid. 20 are now volunteering as coaches and referees at local schools
  • We have a football presence in 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school.
  • We host 3 football events per year focused on key life skill topics, resulting in massive behavior change  among the youth


Our organization has been nominated for the Global Barcelona Sports Award (GBS) for the best practices through football in 2012. We won the GBS bronze trophy.

We were also nominated for the Sports for Peace Award given by the Principality of Monaco for the best use of football for peace building and peace keeping.

 More Information

In addition to these programs, we also collaborate with other organizations, as well as throw events. We also have in-depth event reports of our activities. See the projects page for more information.